Bringing Cutting Edge Research to Main Stream Banking.

BSG Labs is platform to build/experiment in technologies related to Mathematics Computer Science and Engineering. Labs seeks motivation/inspiration from likes of Galileo , Newton, Turing to current pioneers in field of Computer Science like Donald Knuth. It’s purpose is to blend theory and practice together and apply it to mainstream banking

Below is excerpt from one of famous lectures of Donald Knuth - Theory and Practice - which was delivered in 1989 and is still relevant today and reflects ideology of Labs “History teaches us that the greatest mathematicians of the past combined theory and practice in their own careers. For example, let’s consider Karl Friedrich Gauss, who is often called the greatest mathematician of all time, based on the deep theories he discovered. Here is an excerpt from one of his diaries; Gauss left behind thousands of pages of detailed computations. His practical work with all these numbers led him to discover the method of least squares and the so-called Gaussian distribution of numerical errors. He also made measurements of the earth and drew this map as a basis for land surveys in parts of Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark.His study of magnetism led him to publish a series of world maps such as this one. Thus Gauss was by no means purely a theoretician. His practical work went hand in hand with his theoretical discoveries in geometry and physics.”

Some of problems which labs is currently experimenting/working are
●Build fastest/scalable ATM switching network
●Advanced Open API Testing tool
●Apply /Leverage Block Chain in Payment Systems / TURING Core Banking System
●Leverage AI/Machine Learning techniques to Banking Problems - convert more accounts, risk categorization, fraud detection/prevention
●Advanced security and encryption techniques
●Advanced recommendation engine / IOT in Banking

In addition, Labs is working along with reputed Institutes like IIT’s , BITS , IISC to collaborate/understand and apply technologies in banking domain.